Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Trivial Persuits

De minimus non curat lex might apply to the law but not to the media or the Torygandists who're both dredging round for anything to throw at Corbyn, no matter how trivial.. He didn't sing the national anthem,unlike Michael Faloony who's smart enough to remember the words. He won't wear a poppy unlike the MPs who start wearing poppies in July. He'll probably wear a high Vis jacket at the Cenotaph. He doesn't change his underpants every day.

Who cares? You might think that if this load of unimportant trivia is all they have to throw at him he's nothing to worry about. Don't. It's only the first instalment of the deluge of excrement to come from those who refuse to allow Labour's leader the usual settling in period because they're determined to hound him out as quickly as possible.

No doubt they'll be supported by Andrew Neil who's just presented the most hectoring biased negative Daily Politics I've ever seen bullying Lisa Nandy

Such is the level the politics of a once great nation have been reduced to.And so great the fear of our gradgrind neo-liberal government that their viciousness will be exposed by a man of principle.  

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