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The announcement by ten or a dozen Labour mini-beasts that they will not serve in offices that haven't been offered to them looks like a concerted move to wreck Corbyn's leadership before it's even started. They'll claim that they're making a stand on principle but it looks like a piece of rampant ego mania.

They should think again. Refusing to play the game not only looks and is sulky but it is a rejection of the party's decision on the grounds that they,the important ones,know better. It weakens the party they say they love and makes it difficult for it to win because electors don't like split squabbling parties. It frustrates Corbyn's  plans  for  a comprehensive power sharing and forces him to rely solely on a left the poopers dislike.

It assumes that what they've read in the papers about Corbyn's policies is true and that a leader's view is no different to those of a backbencher when all experience indicates that leaders compromise to lead.It says there is no alternative to last time's offer of austerity lite because respectability and the esteem of business are more important than the hopes of party member and the collective effort to think of new approaches to those rejected already.. It tells us their aim is to contest the verdict of the party and force a new leadership contest in which Labour will be offered only the uninspiring choice of orthodoxies which  we had in this last.

Most of all the downward slide of these slippery pole climbers tells us that they're a gang of self selecting sulky,bossy egomaniacs who feel threatened because they  aren't getting the respect and the power a gang of over educated pygmies deserves. Labour must do as they want .Or they'll take their bat home.

The inescapable truth of British politics is that the Tories have the right to lie and get away with it Labour isn't allowed  So remember that the Conservatives were only exercising that right at the last election when they promised electrification of railways in the North or a new system of payment for care homes  to let oldies keep their houses.Both were dropped after the election

They've long promised to get immigration down to 100,000 a year.No ifs no buts..Except that immigration is four times that level and rising each year.They promised a new council house built for every one sold. but delivered only one house for four sold and have now stopped even doing that.The latest promise is devolved powers to Northern Powerhouses when the reality will be a devolution blame for the coming cuts.

Gorge Osborne has made the maximum use of this liar's charter..He promised the March of the Makers.Manufacturing is still shrinking. He promised to eliminate the deficit by 2015. That had to be re-promised to 2019.He promised prosperity
and tax cuts for all to reward them for their efforts by 20l5. Also postponed.Now its being re-promised.So you know what to expect.


The great achievement of this government has been to turn reality on its head by telling us that what we thought good is in fact bad. Take the need to support and help the unemployed, the disabled the poor.Christians might think this a good idea but in Tory -talk its a crime because its forcing the recipients into a dependency culture so the government has to cut their benefits to help them out of this

People might have thought that it was a good idea to have a strong police force to combat crime. Wrong again. Cutting the force and firing people makes them more efficient and if it means that the police cant respond to calls and crime goes up that will teach the public to be more vigilant. 

Cut legal aid and it will surely encourage more people to learn the law and appear in court themselves. Clearly no bad thing. Cut taxes and we're told tax receipts go up. That doesn't necessarily mean that the same ;people pay more tax but it does help gto let the rich feel they have a purpose in life. 

Impose a bedroom tax on spare rooms and that helps free up accommodation as people move out to smaller properties that they can afford and if these aren't available they may well buy tents and help the camping industry..Fail to build houses so prices explode and you make life difficult for the poor the young and the homeless but boy do you make home owners happy

So it goes on. Remember you're now in Toryland  so you've got to talk Osborne a language where  what you thought true is wrong


David Cameron got Yorkshire wrong. Yorkshire folk don't hate each other though they're not too keen on smart Alec southerners. They're just puzzled bout why this government thinks they're so stupid that they'll fall for a con they call devolution.

We know that the proposals for city regions are really an attempt to devolve blame not power  so that the regions can be blamed for the cuts the government is going to impose. But more Yorkshire towns have still applied because everyone is anxious to escape from the total control exercised by this government .Even if the new powers are pathetic they're better than total control from this incompetent,  gradgrind government in London..Summat's better ner nowt

Fifty eight areas have applied for the new status. That will be winnowed down massively but the result will still be a mess with a patchwork quilt,some areas having the new status others excluded and varying degrees of power depending whether they're likely to be Tory or Labour

Its time Labour thought through its alternative instead of different Labour councils scrabbling for crumbs of power from the Whitehall table. Real devolution (which we should aim at demands the  firmer base of a bigger area with more powers. We can get this either by reverting to the Prescott plan of devolved powers to elected governments in the planning regions, meaning Yorkshire, with a population as great as Scotland's would be one 
Or alternatively we could have even bigger more powerful regions such as the North, the  East and then the West Midlands and so on creating five big regions exercising real power  That's what other countries have done and what we should do too if want to have more control over our own destinies and the synergy of a Yorkshire surge
Either system would make more sense than the government's messy patchwork quilt .Why don't we proclaim it before the quilt is sewn up

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