Saturday, 12 September 2015

Corbyn Rules get used to it!

The self regarding egomaniacs rushing to announce that they won't serve under Corbyn  are wrong. They damage themselves and the party and accomplish nothing except to demonstrate their contempt for the party they say they love. It's not the first attempt to turn sulking into a political strategy -Ted Heath managed it for years-but to elevate their hurt egos above the interests of the party is contemptible.

The membership has spoken. It wants to go back to basic principles  not to see them constantly diluted. It wants a party which serves the basic interests of the people in health education housing .It wants hope not diluted Toryism  and it wants to be heard not talked down to ,or led where it doesn't want to go and  bamboozled. Ask why the Tories can now present themselves as the party of workers and the answer must be because we didn't do enough for them when we had the chance and look now as though we favour the interests of business wealth and money rather than those the people who work by hand and brain

It's our job now to work with our new leader to achieve all that . He wants party unity and a broad bottomed administration and if he doesn't get it but gets division argument resentment and sulky silliness instead he fails and so does Labour . They proclaim the need for Labour to win power to do anything and they're right.But disunity and division are the best ways not to get it..To wreck the new leader is to wreck the party which wont forgive the pirouetting pillocks  who're now sulking

There's no going back,either to the seventies or to Blairism. Our job now is to take those strong generous principles and sell them to an electorate which is loosing heart and ceasing to believe in or trust politicians because of the continuous betrayals. .Turn principles into policies and we stand ready for power as this vicious government fail as it will.Spend time sabotaging the chosen leader and we won't be.. There's no alternative. no alternative leader. No alternative principles. No alternative approach to power and the sulkers need all three to justify their tantrum.

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