Sunday, 27 September 2015

Made O'Money OsborneLast of the Big Spenders

I've come to the conclusion that George is Schizophrenic. On the one hand cuts austerity and grinding the faces of the poor the disabled and local government and long denunciations of Gordon Brown for spending too much..On the other he spends like a drunken sailor on prestige projects which are as unnecessary as they're disastrous. .Billions are to be wasted on a nuclear power station at Hinkley which has already doubled its estimated cost and is certain to go up again to astronomical levels.

There are only three such plants being built in the world and the other two in Finland and Normandy are in trouble well over budget and far behind schedule.Yet  the government has agreed to pay them twice the charges for electricity guaranteed against inflation and proposes to guarantee two billion quid to get the Chinese to come into this deal and to build their own nuclear stations afterwards. Its a scandalous folly.

Then there's the enormous waste of HS2 which is now to lose all the gain in time from travelling faster to Brum because it cant be brought into Euston without enormous expense so to get to Brum passengers will have to get a train to another station five miles away then change trains to HS2  It too will end up enormously over a budget that's inflated already.

More to come. Renewing Trident, a weapon we'll never use  and can't afford will drain money from the defence budget and further shrink the army navy and airforce, the only armed services we've ever used.  Great defence to have billions of quid under water or up on the Clyde while we make a mess of Basra and Helmand because our effort is too small  our armoured vehicles kill people and we don't have enough helicopters to fight without the Americans.  

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  1. You speak such sense. Unfortunately this makes you totally inaccessible to millions of people. I prefer not to call them citizens... Rather, denizens of the deep delusion.