Sunday, 30 October 2016

Remaindered again!

Rampant Remainers just won't give up. Having lost the battle they're now refighting it, demanding a rerun and wanting Parliament to veto negotiations.

Their predictions of doom gloom and disaster turned out to be wrong. So they're now relaunching them, claiming that things have got worse though no one's noticed and disaster will still befall the economy, the universities, the banks  and the shops if (rather than when) we give notice to move out.

This undermines confidence and encourages the EU to demand the toughest possible terms aimed at ruining us if we leave.With a little help from their Nritish fifth column.
Why are they so intent on knocking Britain? Because they want to stop Brexit and use the house of Commons to negate the verdict of the people. So why not think for a moment of the consequences if  we have to stay in an organisation the people want to leave.

The least is that it will make us look silly. A nation whose leaders can't lead and which cant make up its mind.We'll get no respect if we slink back to Brussels' tail between our legs to be even more disregarded and ignored than we were before.We were on the periphery then. Now it would be the very naughty step

We'll lose confidence in ourselves and the world will ,lose confidence in us as a failing nation that can't even stand on its own feet and doesn't dare to try. We'll protest at the coming increase in our contribution but be unable to stop it. The drain of money, jobs and demand from Britain will grow as will our balance of payments deficitNo help will be forthcoming from the EU,not even more of our own money back.It's policy for failing states is to treat them like Greece and screw them into the ground to give them the fitness  and health rigor Mortis brings.
If the Remainers are correct in saying that the fall in the pound is due to a collapse of confidence (which they aren't) then the pound should go back  up. British manufacturers would lose their new competitiveness

The left behind people who supported Brexit will feel even more left behind and alienation from politics and the parties will grow. If the politicians don't accept the verdict of the people it compounds existing anger What's the use of voting if the bastards don't listen?

Because we can't pay our way in the world and will neither be allowed to help manufacturing to revive nor to boost exports we'll have to sell off more and more of our companies,property and land to foreigners and do everything we can to attract funny money to London to keep us afloat.

We won't be allowed to cut down on EU migration,so government will be forced to reduce Commonwealth immigration to keep down the numbers .We'll become more of a police state requiring firms and landlords to report aliens and track asylum seekers though we won't be able to deport them because it might disturb their family life and no other country will have them.
Because our influence will be reduced 
and because we've been humbled it will be more difficult to resist lunatic schemes like the European army,the admission of Turkey,money wasted on projects like Galileo or fraud in the ever increasing EU budget and its aid programmes. Who's going to listen to us now?

There won't be anyenthusiastic welcome home party to welcome us back,heads held high,to Brussels.But it's not too difficult to imagine the smirk on Junker's face as he gives Theresa May a welcoming nip on the bum."Rejoice",he'll say,knowing the British contribution to his salary is safe.Oh happy day. 

The thoughts of Tony Blair on Brexit Britain

I will lead a new resistance movement arousing the British people as only I can to throw off the undemocratic tyranny of the abominable Brexiteers. I promise to lead the nation back to where it rightly belongs, at the heart of Europe, somewhere near Prague.

The former leader of the Labour Party made his declaration at the annual conference of the Goldman Sachs and Related Trades Union in Jersey.

Are we to abandon our long and close relationship with Uzbekistan and Hungary and allow the British people to be misled by by these deceitful demagogues of disaster who have conned the people by their lies and deceit into voting against their own interests and turning the ship of state  into a frightening war torn world which even I haven't been able to lead onto the ways of peace. Are we to risk the support, cooperation and prosperity which the European Union brings and miss out on the benefits of the Gallileo satellite guidance system and the European army?

I know well that the British people are too badly  informed and stupid to know their own interests. They must be allowed to vote again and deliver the verdict all right thinking people want . That can only be to go back to the support and economic strength which the Eurozone has brought to Germany and the benefits it brings  to Greece.

I have mobilised the full resources of Mandelson Associates, the Euro MPs Benevolent Society and the Junker Foundation to compile a powerful and objective Dossier written up by the respected historian Alastair Campbell This accurately describes the disasters which must befall Britain if Brexit is allowed to go ahead. 

The City of London will be destroyed within 45 minutes. Billions of pounds, many of them mine, will leave the country. European medicine and science will be closed to us so bubonic plague will spread and excluded from the Schengen area our people will have nowhere to take refuge from the vengeful Roma who'll batter down our fragile border defences. 

I now call on the British people to join me and my all party coalition with Paddy Ashdown and John Major in our rage at the dying of the Euro light and restore the  full democracy of rule by those born to know the way the Nation's interest, and our own.Kill Brexit. Give the EU control and let us march together to wherever America wants us to be.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Beware Miliband Osborne and Clegg: the 3 disastrous failures of recent political history


One thing I've learned from long years in politics is to judge causes by who supports them as well as what they want. Which is why I'm very suspicious of the proposal for a parliamentary vote on the start of the Clause 50 negotiations and the beginning of the Brexit process. It sounds fair Until you realise that it originated with. Ed Milliband, George Osborne and  Wotsisname Clegg, the three most disastrous failures in our recent political history.

The first of our three stooges ruined the Labour Party, the second ruined Cameron's government and the third did for the Lib Dems.They all screwed up because they thought they knew better than every one else. Now they want to combine that expertise because they know better than everyone else what to do about the EU. Unlike most Brits they love it. So they've set out to stop Brexit by having Parliament vote against the people's wish to leave. 

They know better than the people. MPs don't represent their constituents because a majority are for Remain but the people voted to come out. So what could be better than have the Commons refuse  to start the negotiations. Its the same as parents take toffee apples from children . The people can't be allowed to have what they want because our Troika of twerps know better.

It won't work If the Commons do reject Brexit Theresa May will call an election which will clobber  Labour, bring the Tories back with an even bigger majority and reduce the LIb Dems from a rump to Clegg as a one man party.

Yet it will achieve something  the recalcitrant  Remainers want. It will screw up the negotiations, strengthen the EU's negotiating position and weaken ours. The aim is made clear by Paul Mason  another of the liberal bien pensant elite: "By declaring formally in a written pact -that they will refuse to ratify a Brexit deal  based on World Trade Organisation tariffs the progressive parties can destroy May's negotiating position in Brussels overnight"

Q.E.D. Screw the people. The can have the Single Market and mass immigration and like it.

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Who's knocking Britain?

Andrew Remainer Rawnsley, the Observer's resident sage announces that if the world begins to think Britain's economic prospects have darkened and that the country has become a less attractive destination for foreign investment then they won't want to hold pounds.  The pound will fall in value.
Probably true. But who's telling them this? It's the Recalcitrant Remainers who're so busy prophesying disaster from a national decision they don't like that they're becoming a chorus of whingers and whiners devoted to destroying Britain's credibility overseas, and preparing the way for the disaster they themselves  prophesy,

Harold Wilson blamed the Gnomes of Zurich for his sterling crises. It's the Gnomes of London who want to produce this one because they've got no faith in Britain"s ability to exist and prosper outside the EU. The people have rejected their pathetic lack of confidence they've now taking their revenge and prophesying disaster if we leave the comforting, supportive backing of a benign EU which has done so much to drain us of jobs, demands and money.

Who's backing Britain?

Saturday, 15 October 2016

How to put pounds in your pocket

Remoaners are determined to show that the fall in the pound since Brexit is a disaster in itself and a foretaste of worse to come.Total rubbish. The devaluation is the bonus of Brexit. It is essential if Britain is to compete and it couldn't ha e been achieved in any other way.

Look at the history of previous devaluations: Labour's in 1949 and 1967 the Tories in 1972 and 1992. All of them boosted the economy. All of them strengthened exports. None of them led to galloping inflation. 

The sad fact is that there is no other way to begin to cure our galloping balance of payments deficit which now runs at 7% of GDP and is unsustainable. Devaluation uses the price mechanism to make imports dearer and to reduce the price of our exports which have been out pocketpricing themselves out of world markets. It makes foreign holidays and villa purchases dearer. It brings more tourists to Britain.

It cuts the costs of production in Britain and makes it less necessary to transfer it overseas as all too many firms have been doing because British costs are too high. There is no other way of boosting production in this country and rebalancing our economy from finance, which always wants a high and stable exchange rate, to Industry which needs a more competitive exchange rate.

It also makes it easier to counter any attempts by the E U to erecting barriers against us. If we leave the single market the common external tariff we would face is around 3% for most exports, 7-9% for cars, with the fall in the pound we've already had we can easily overlap both and by keeping the pound competitive instead of letting it go back up as previous governments have we can win a bigger share 0f their markets and improve our position elsewhere.

Critics should stop moaning and accept Lady Curzon's advice to wives afraid of sex "lie back and think of England"