Sunday, 16 October 2016

Beware Miliband Osborne and Clegg: the 3 disastrous failures of recent political history


One thing I've learned from long years in politics is to judge causes by who supports them as well as what they want. Which is why I'm very suspicious of the proposal for a parliamentary vote on the start of the Clause 50 negotiations and the beginning of the Brexit process. It sounds fair Until you realise that it originated with. Ed Milliband, George Osborne and  Wotsisname Clegg, the three most disastrous failures in our recent political history.

The first of our three stooges ruined the Labour Party, the second ruined Cameron's government and the third did for the Lib Dems.They all screwed up because they thought they knew better than every one else. Now they want to combine that expertise because they know better than everyone else what to do about the EU. Unlike most Brits they love it. So they've set out to stop Brexit by having Parliament vote against the people's wish to leave. 

They know better than the people. MPs don't represent their constituents because a majority are for Remain but the people voted to come out. So what could be better than have the Commons refuse  to start the negotiations. Its the same as parents take toffee apples from children . The people can't be allowed to have what they want because our Troika of twerps know better.

It won't work If the Commons do reject Brexit Theresa May will call an election which will clobber  Labour, bring the Tories back with an even bigger majority and reduce the LIb Dems from a rump to Clegg as a one man party.

Yet it will achieve something  the recalcitrant  Remainers want. It will screw up the negotiations, strengthen the EU's negotiating position and weaken ours. The aim is made clear by Paul Mason  another of the liberal bien pensant elite: "By declaring formally in a written pact -that they will refuse to ratify a Brexit deal  based on World Trade Organisation tariffs the progressive parties can destroy May's negotiating position in Brussels overnight"

Q.E.D. Screw the people. The can have the Single Market and mass immigration and like it.

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