Sunday, 16 October 2016

Who's knocking Britain?

Andrew Remainer Rawnsley, the Observer's resident sage announces that if the world begins to think Britain's economic prospects have darkened and that the country has become a less attractive destination for foreign investment then they won't want to hold pounds.  The pound will fall in value.
Probably true. But who's telling them this? It's the Recalcitrant Remainers who're so busy prophesying disaster from a national decision they don't like that they're becoming a chorus of whingers and whiners devoted to destroying Britain's credibility overseas, and preparing the way for the disaster they themselves  prophesy,

Harold Wilson blamed the Gnomes of Zurich for his sterling crises. It's the Gnomes of London who want to produce this one because they've got no faith in Britain"s ability to exist and prosper outside the EU. The people have rejected their pathetic lack of confidence they've now taking their revenge and prophesying disaster if we leave the comforting, supportive backing of a benign EU which has done so much to drain us of jobs, demands and money.

Who's backing Britain?

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