Sunday, 30 October 2016

Remaindered again!

Rampant Remainers just won't give up. Having lost the battle they're now refighting it, demanding a rerun and wanting Parliament to veto negotiations.

Their predictions of doom gloom and disaster turned out to be wrong. So they're now relaunching them, claiming that things have got worse though no one's noticed and disaster will still befall the economy, the universities, the banks  and the shops if (rather than when) we give notice to move out.

This undermines confidence and encourages the EU to demand the toughest possible terms aimed at ruining us if we leave.With a little help from their Nritish fifth column.
Why are they so intent on knocking Britain? Because they want to stop Brexit and use the house of Commons to negate the verdict of the people. So why not think for a moment of the consequences if  we have to stay in an organisation the people want to leave.

The least is that it will make us look silly. A nation whose leaders can't lead and which cant make up its mind.We'll get no respect if we slink back to Brussels' tail between our legs to be even more disregarded and ignored than we were before.We were on the periphery then. Now it would be the very naughty step

We'll lose confidence in ourselves and the world will ,lose confidence in us as a failing nation that can't even stand on its own feet and doesn't dare to try. We'll protest at the coming increase in our contribution but be unable to stop it. The drain of money, jobs and demand from Britain will grow as will our balance of payments deficitNo help will be forthcoming from the EU,not even more of our own money back.It's policy for failing states is to treat them like Greece and screw them into the ground to give them the fitness  and health rigor Mortis brings.
If the Remainers are correct in saying that the fall in the pound is due to a collapse of confidence (which they aren't) then the pound should go back  up. British manufacturers would lose their new competitiveness

The left behind people who supported Brexit will feel even more left behind and alienation from politics and the parties will grow. If the politicians don't accept the verdict of the people it compounds existing anger What's the use of voting if the bastards don't listen?

Because we can't pay our way in the world and will neither be allowed to help manufacturing to revive nor to boost exports we'll have to sell off more and more of our companies,property and land to foreigners and do everything we can to attract funny money to London to keep us afloat.

We won't be allowed to cut down on EU migration,so government will be forced to reduce Commonwealth immigration to keep down the numbers .We'll become more of a police state requiring firms and landlords to report aliens and track asylum seekers though we won't be able to deport them because it might disturb their family life and no other country will have them.
Because our influence will be reduced 
and because we've been humbled it will be more difficult to resist lunatic schemes like the European army,the admission of Turkey,money wasted on projects like Galileo or fraud in the ever increasing EU budget and its aid programmes. Who's going to listen to us now?

There won't be anyenthusiastic welcome home party to welcome us back,heads held high,to Brussels.But it's not too difficult to imagine the smirk on Junker's face as he gives Theresa May a welcoming nip on the bum."Rejoice",he'll say,knowing the British contribution to his salary is safe.Oh happy day. 

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