Thursday, 17 September 2015

Labour is trying to be Labour

What on earth will the press do as Corbyn's leadership settles in? The first teething troubles pass and people realise that  the party has returned to the politics of principle rather than P.R. The people show they appreciate honest seriousness more than half truths and abuse. The Tory press can't go on filling pages with Corby trivia forever and the Tories must eventually empty the barrels of abuse they've stored up. 

Which means the refuseniks have put themselves out on a limb and sitting there sulking and unrepentant damages them was well as the party. They can't attempt a coup because they have no figure big enough to lead them. No use making  Corby's life difficult  that damages the party. They just have to reconcile themselves and recognise why the peasants revolted.

This revolution occurred because Labour had ceased to be labour enough to keep the support of the have nots and the left. For twenty years Blair and Brown were bringing in apparatchicks and chaps  who'd worked for the party and who were clean bright, well educated and out of touch with the people and the real world. For twenty years they'd discriminated against the left and whittled it down as if it was a nuisance  which hindered the  appeal  to the aspirational, the middle class, the soft Conservatives rather than their own people Winning is more important than principle or serious policy. For twenty years they'd whittled down the role of the trade unions , deprived the conference and the party of all influence on policy and taken control of it themselves through the easily led policy forum which ratified what the leadership wanted.

For twenty years they've suppressed dissent and accepted the Thatcher settlement  and what they've called the "rigour"of the free market and avoided the need to provide an alternative .They've suppressed dissent and any alternative leaders and winkled the left out of committee places and jobs .For twenty years they've failed to do enough for the less well off, the North, manufacturing or full employment and preferred the company and the economics of wealth business and those who have. Then when the easy years came to an inevitable end several of them got out in time and deserted the party which had made them for well paid jobs from anyone who could pay them more than the Parliamentary salary while those that were left blithely assumed that it was their destiny to reign and be worshipped forever 

Now when the peasants they've neglected and ignored have revolted against the great dilution they have no better idea than to sulk  and hope that the revolution fails. It may. But we have to hope it doesn't and try to make it work because if it fails so does Labour. There's no going back to the vacuities of Blairism and those who fail the party now,still more those who want it to fail, won't be forgiven.

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