Thursday, 9 June 2016

The loneliness of the long distance Brexiteer

Sarah Woollaston's excuse for quitting Brexit to announce her conversion to Remain is not only slim but stupid. She's really very nervous  about the exposed position she's  been in as a Brexiteer.It takes courage to face up to the abuse and character assassination Brexiteers are exposed to and Sarah who's a conformist at heart like most politicians hasn't got the guts to do it.

She can't admit that of course so she produces the excuse that NHS funding is threatened by Brexit. Just the same arguement which is now being unleashed in London by posters saying "Save the NHS;Vote Remain" .Utter rubbish and dangerous too because you if you overuse the save the NHS theme it won't ring true or be effective when the NHS has to be saved from a real threat like government cuts,government meanness in not writing off the debt that nearly every area has got into, government's refusal to provide the extra two billion the NHS needs immediately or the daft insistence that the excessive payments forced on hospitals with PFI contracts be taken out of their grants for running health services to keep contractors happy but patients sick.The NHS has to be saved from all this but not from hypothetical fears conjured up out of the torturred malevolence of Remain's hysteria 

Being in or out of the EU makes no difference to the NHS. So it's not realistic to claim that Brexit will lead to cuts.But two things are clear.First the NHS is starved and desperately needs more money is it is to keep up with the costs of medicine,proper staffing and an ageing population. Secondly being out of the EU will free up more money that the government now has to pay to the EU in budget contributions the cost of agricultural imports from outside, and all the other things from Galileo project to provide an expensive EU sat tell guidance system which the Americans now give us for free, to the costs of the CFP in financing EU fishermen to loot the waters of developing countries.

 I could add in the costs of the marble halls they've built for themselves inBrussels,the perambulating  Parliament or the aid programme which a by-word for corruption and in efficiency but I don't want to sound as hysterical as a remainer.With all those drains plugged there is money for good purposes in Britain and our starved  NHS must be the foremost.

So come off it Sarah.Be honest and give us your real reasons or. Tell us that you're scared of loosing your chairmanship of the Health Committee  when the night of the long knives begins after the referendum.


The Remain campaign after failing to inspire terror by its campaign of fear have now turned to character assasination. Brexiteers are being dismissed as odd balls, nutters, Maoists and trouble makers which makes it difficult to explain why the got into government in the first place. In the same spirit let me reply that Remain supporters are creeps, cowards and conformists. That really is the explanation of why they got into government.
I could say all that. But I won't because this has to be a battle fought on facts not fears true arguments not abuse. Remainers know that if the people knew the true balance sheet they'd vote Brexit.So they ask us to cling to a single market in which we're l osing out,pay higher food prices to keep French farmers happy, be grateful for EU grants when it's really our money sent back with their heavy cost taken out, donate our fish to keep the Spanish and the French happy and pay loans to their students who don't pay them back.They want us to live with lies so our elite have a bigger stage to strut on.

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