Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Guardian of Britain in Europe

The EU, because of its French origins, has developed a very different view of democracy from the one that has always prevailed in Britain. We're sloppy and single minded believing that a majority is right and that democracy is decisions taken by majority vote.

Over in EU land they see it differently. Right is what the EU wants.They are the elite,the folk who'll do our thinking for us.Ordinary people should only be listened to if they say and do what the EU wants. If by some amazing mischance they vote against it then they must vote again and go on voting until they get the right decision, the one the EU wants. This worked in France, Denmark and Ireland, all of whom realised on the second ballot that they'd made a terrible mistake. So they reversed the first.

It's now being developed in Britain. Supporters of Remain are automatically right even though some might think they are wrong. Brexit won because the people were ill informed, their leaders gave them a wrong and untrue story, their prejudices were exacerbated, because they are older and shouldn't stand in  the way of young people, even if the young people didn't bother to vote. Remain should have won because it is right .That justifies parliament in ignoring the result and requires a second referendum to give the people the opportunity to get it right by aligning  their thinking properly with Europe, the government,and all the bon pensant liberals .

I can understand a few disgruntled twerps feeling this. Twerps are twerps after all. But I worry when  the high wardens of the sacred flame of democracy (aka The Guardian) announce it as their view too. The Guardian assiduously preached the case for Remain. Polly Toynbee grew hysterical about it. All their columnists (with the muffled Larry Elliot the only exception), preached it. Very few opposing views were allowed to appear.

Raise the issue of immigration and you're a racist. Talk about numbers and you're a xenophobe. Worry about the economic impact of membership and you're a defeatist, Count the costs of membership and you're sinking a magnificent ship for a halfpence worth of tar. Be opposed to the EU and you're an imbecile or a nasty reader of the Daily Mail.Even now they can't accept the verdict of the people.

That's Guardianocracy. Their next step will be to demand that Parliament disregard the verdict of the people, that we hold another referendum  and that people should be required to buy only the Guardian to protect their mental health. Give it a Euro subsidy for heaven's sake and stop it going as financially bankrupt as it is intellectually.

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