Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sad end to all this I think


Historians argue over whether Britain was the First Nation though everyone accepts that it was a proud one.Until it lost its pride and decided to resile from nationhood as though it was a nasty nineteenth century disease.

The establishment led the way.Germany and France started the EU to advance their nation's self interests. Britain took no account of national self interest .It went in because the political class found it difficult to govern and wanted a bigger stage to strut on at whatever cost.

Not only did they not get it but the consequence of membership was that Britain's industrial base fell from 25% of GDP to 10%. We'd asked to be clobbered and duly were but industry wasn't important to them.It was for the dirty people.

The consequence was that we couldn't,t pay our way in the world. The deficit is now 7% of GDP and growing. This was the first stage of the death of a nation .If it can't export enough to pay for its imports a nation must borrow or sell off assets like property companies Land to keep the money rolling in .This benefitted our upper class .They got the fees,asset prices rose at the expense of the workers who lost jobs while the nation was drained as profits and demand were exported to board rooms with no particular interest in Britain.Except to exploit it

EU membership boosted the drain  with the costs of membership,cur eleven billion plus the consequences of paying out more than we get back,losing our fish, and having to buy more expensive French food than we could get from other countries..

By this stage a large section of the workers,particularly in the North,wanted out because hey were feeing the consequences. They were easily bamboozled by a campaign of fear leaving Britain tied in to anything the EU wants to do.Which won't be anything to our advantage. So the EU can continue to drain us of money,demand and jobs and our timid businesses must run the competitive race with a ball and chain round the  leg not already shackled by takeovers..

And there's worse to come.Membership delivers us bound and gagged to the multinationals who dominate 80% of world trade and have concentrated their lobbying power on Brussels, land of the 30,000 lobbyists most of whom are pushing the interests of big business which are much easier to achieve there than from 28 separate governments.

They're now planning to consolidate this power by the  Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) designed to make Europe fit for the multinationals to rule it. This provides that they can sue government's decision to overturn decisions they don't like and that disputes should by resolved by an arbitration process they control so we won't be able to take democratic decisions on our own.

That's Rigor Mortis Brittannia..But not forthe loadsa-monney lot . They can always go elsewhere

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