Monday, 30 May 2016

Life after Brexit

The vested interests use two main arguments against Brexit. Fear creation and the claim  that Brexiters don't say what's to replace  clinging to the EU.

Both are wrong. The fears are inflated. They were used to frighten us into joining the Euro .None materialised when we didn't.In fact we did much better than those who did join that deflationary block.The second is equally wrong As the world's fifth largest economy we would be free to pursue our own interests instead of being tagged along behind someone else. Here's a few pointers.

1)Supporters of remain are concealing what will happen if they win.The pound will come down because of the growing deficit.It will be revealed that the "long term economic plan" is failing, growth slowing ,unemployment rising,demand weakening making tough measures, cuts sell offs necessary
2)The status quo will be preserved until the time when we're prepared and see fit to activate the withdrawal clause. 
3)There is no basis for assuming that the other EU members will want to make life difficult for us. They need our market and they want us to keep buying their  overpriced food.
4)There's never yet been a trade negotiation about imposing tariffs where there aren't any. That would be insane
5)The pound will come down as it's going to anyway to deal with the deficit. This will tax imports and boost exports We must prepare to take advantage of it by restraining domestic demand and boosting investment as Roy Jenkins did after the 1967 devaluation
6)We will be free to use the weapons other countries have used to grow their exporting industries including state aid for industry, regional incentives,protection from takeovers and incentives to invest and support for exporters..  
7)We can rebuild our fishing industry and food production by taking control of our own waters
8)We can build up our trade with food producers, developing countries  and growing powers like India and China for mutual benefit
It won't be easy but it is necessary and better than being tied to the world's low growth high unemployment blackspot and forced to pay over the odds for it to take our jobs,companies and demand as we decline into a low cost, low wage, low skill adjunct clinging to Europe because we're too frightened to pursue our own interests.

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