Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Brexit- Balls- Up by Labour

Labour's leaders don't realise what they're doing to Labour's core vote by their over enthusiastic endorsement of "Remain". Jeremy has always been opposed to the EU but had to be whipped and forced into line by the Pro Europeans and the vacuous Euro enthusiasm Blair had built up. But at least his endorsement was grudging, stumbling and an expression of support for  an EU which doesn't exist and never will. Jeremy felt he should fall in to line on Europe in the hope of winning on Trident which is more important to him but It's still vainglorious to talk of leading Europe when we're in the outhouse and will be locked in there in impotence as the Euro-zone develops.

But then to go in and give us a lecture on the virtues of immigration and have Balls singing duets with Osborne and Kinnock laughing on the telephone with Cameron is not only sick making but seems well calculated to drive working class voters over to UKIP

We made the same silly mistake on the Scottish referendum when supporting the Tories caused a collapse in the Labour vote. Now we're doing the same to our core vote in the North. Make no mistake traditional Labour voters there are pretty fed up. They've seen that the last Labour government didn't protect them and its leaders went whoring after the City of London, the Banks and Big Finance. They've seen that Labour can't protect them from the cuts and unemployment created by this government while Labour postures and fratches (it's a Yorkshire word)

They've seen benefits showered on London and wealth accumulating in the south. They've seen their wages stagnate, the industries destroyed, their views driven underground by political correctness. They feel no one speaks for them anymore and they're fed up.

All these grievances accumulate  against immigrants. It's a mistake.  The immigrants aren't responsible for their problems the government is, but their political instrument the Labour Party and the Unions can't do anything about it. They know that their services and benefits are all being slashed so that folk far better off than them can have tax cuts but they can't do anything about that either.So,inevitably, they focus on something nearer at hand and look for a strongman who'll bash the overpaid financial interests, the greedy capitalists and the hard faced men who've done well for themselves by selling their companies and their country short. 

It's a syndrome. And it won't be assuaged by homilies about how good the EU, the immigrants and the wealth creators are for the country. Si Monumentum requiris Circumspice As they say in Barnsley.To translate it for Labour: speak for the North or die. 

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