Monday, 30 May 2016


Will Straw has just sent me his entry for the Pinocchio prize for the best collection of fiction since Grimm's fairy stories. It tells me over 3 million jobs are linked to exports to the EU to which the response is "so what?" How many jobs have been lost because of our huge deficit with the EU?
It says every household will be a precisely calculated £4000.00 a year worse off from Brexit. Impossible to calculate that.
It says 200,000 businesses trade with EU. But neither how many trade with the rest of the world nor why the EU should want to bankrupt those that do. Do they hate us that much?
It claims that the weekly shop will cost £350.00 a year more.Why if we throw off French agricultural protectionism and buy the cheaper food on offer from elsewhere? He must shop at Fortnum and Mason.
It says there would be spending cuts of 36 billion.What for, when we'd be saving on the EU budget, the CAP and the CFP and all the grants we get from the EU are our own money back with their heavy costs taken out.
All this concocted cacophony of consolidated crap is then repeated in their telly party political which makes no mention of all the jobs,money and businesses the EU has drained from us through its costs and the growing deficit. Before we went in manufacturing was nearly a third of our economy.Now it's 10% and our trade deficit is 7%. Remain and both will get worse 

On the other side of his miscellaneous mensonges he quotes four people who've as much to do with the EU and know as much about it as Joe Bloggs, plus Mark Carney a government toady and the TUC General secretary who clearly has no faith in the ability of unions and the Labour Party to get a better deal from our own country

What a dog's breakfast of Euro-lies and Tory half truths. Enough surely to get Will drummed out of the Britannia Coconut dancers. Is he trying to whip up support for Brexit or just grow his nose? 

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