Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Lessons of Paxo stuffing

There are serious lessons to be learned from last night's Channel Four grilling of the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister. 
Welcome to my TV 101 class
  1. The separate grilling formula worked better than the leader confrontation because it allowed issues to be followed up, brains to be tested and politicians to be tested without all the shouting, and point scoring of the old format. The greatest benefit was to keep out Clegg. Piggy in the middle always emerges better from any confrontation between major parties, but he's no use because he can't form a government and, as events showed will compromise anything in his efforts to get into power. Takes only two to tango . Four is a clumsy quadrille

  2. Paxo played the Telegraph reading Colonel Blimp rather than  the agile independent mind he used to be. Was this because he was slumming it for a new paymaster, Sky rather than the All Souls in exile of the BBC.The public were better, sharper and more to the point.
  3. Hypothetical questions are bugger all use. Paxo asked too many "How much will you pay to get out of jail"? "How many immigrants will you let in?" "Will you press the nuclear button?" "How many sheep make a mutton pie" "how stupid can an interviewer be?"etc
  4. A woman gets softer treatment than a man. It was left to the audience to understand how Theresa managed to dodge every question while Corby did at least make an effort to answer them.
  5. Dredging up the past by recycling old clippings from the Daily Telegraph is a distortion of history and an emotional slur. Corbyn was attacked for dealing with the IRA but both Major and Blair dealt with them to get a settlement.
  6. The public aren't daft and Faisal did a good job of reinforcing their points where Paxo performed for them and their reactions indicated they'd chuck him out.
  7. Best to avoid the silly questions where the answer is obvious like "why don't all the daft things you advocated in the past appear to the manifesto?" Paxo didn't.
  8. Everyone will make their own mind up on the basis of their own political conditioning about who won. That's good.
  9. More. More. More. 

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