Friday, 22 July 2016

So, what happens next?

My guess is not much. The politicians take time to adjust to a changed world. The parties take even longer. But the people will just pick themselves and carry on as if nothing has happened. The sky won't fall in.

The Remainers won't give up. They'll attempt to repeal the judges decision  and argue that they should have another referendum on the grounds that Brexit cheated, told lies, appealed to base and all sorts of  naughty motives which Remain of course didn't do because  truth, God,virtue, and the future of Britain were on their side but for some strange reason didn't prevail.

So they'll rant on with God on their side claiming that everything that goes wrong from race hatred crimes to an increase in nose picking are due to Brexit. They'll be helped by credulous journalists who'll hunt round Britain for symptoms of distress and round the EU to show how much they hate us and how they'll refuse to make concessions to us. Won't be true of course because they've no way of knowing, or measuring, but they'll fit the world to fit their prejudices,

The Conservatives who think like a regiment and have an ingrained instinct for power at any cost will pull together, plaster, acclaim their leader as the greatest since Boudacea and roll with the punches as they always have in the past. That means giving Davies and Boris their heads for a time but chucking them overboard  if they don't get a good deal. In the mean time they'll chuck Osbornism overboard with Osborne by increasing borrowing, pushing Quantitive easing and probably cutting business taxes. So much for tilting the balance to the people.

As for business the big boys will continue to moan and float the idea of transferring to Europe.Big business likes the status quo and doesn't like being inconvenienced. But Business is very adaptable and always deals with the world as it is which means they'll accept Brexit and work round its problems despite the assertions of the politicians who don't know business and don't realise how flexible and adaptable it is. Never believe what politicians and journalists say about business. They. dont know it and they don't realise its flexibility and adaptability and they're contemptuous of it.

Business will be helped in this adjustment by the fall in the value of the pound.This is the great benefit Brexit and uncertainty bring. That will boost exports,bring new jobs and new growth and make imports dearer and less attractive.In 1992 the last Tory devaluation ushered in a decade of growth and prosperity. Why should this not do the same?

 The main worry is the Labour Party. It tried to whip its supporters into an enthusiasm for Europe they don't feel and blame poor, hapless Jeremy for his failure to do so. Labour now believes in Euro-enthusiasm more than it believes in socialism.It now seems determined to devote itself to relighting the referendum, committed to getting back into the EU. We're in danger of being stuck in the past fighting a battle that's over.

What about the workers?Well one thing the referendum did show was that they're fed up of Europe, feel neglected and buggered around by globalisation. Since no one  now speaks for them they've decided to speak for themselves and the liberal elite can't forgive themfor it. Labour once stood for the workers.Now the right regard them as a safe vote which can be taken for granted. No need to deliver to them, so the party can concentrate on its real job.That's to add middle class and southern voters to the proletarian lump.Anything done for the workers will frighten the middle class off. Hardly nice for MPs who're now middle class themselves. No wonder the forgotten people struck back in a referendum which was their chance to say we've been buggered about.

 As for the left It's so busy pushing a thousand curses in which the workers have no  great interest and get nothing from that they've lost sight of Labour's real role.That isn't friendship with Hamas or the IRA it's the betterment of the pay and conditions of the people it represents. Until Labour realises that it will get nowhere.

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