Sunday, 10 July 2016

Believe in Britain

The big difference between Brexiteers and Remainers is not so much about what kind of Britain they want. Brexiteers don't want to go back to Imperial Britain. Remainers don't want to be just another province in the jostling folly that calls itself "Europe" or "The United States of Europe". It's  more a question of belief in Britain. Does it have sufficient strength to survive on its own, or is it now so weakened by years of comparative decline that it needs the prop of the EU?

That's the cause of demands to repeat the referendum, the claims that Brexit won on lies while Remain told nothing but the truth: the fears would turn out to be true because Britain was so weak and voters were too stupid too to see this. Indeed even now Remainers can't wait for the crisis to come and demonstrate how right they were.

For Remainers the EU is Britain's Zimmer frame. It will support us when we fail and we'd collapse without it.Brexiteers see our contributions as a drain in Britain's economy, holding us back and dragging us down, so we'll surge without it. Remainers say EU aid helps us. Brexiters say it's our own money back with the EU's heavy costs taken out.

Remainers think the world will be against us and relegate us to declining impotence if we kick away our prop: access to the single market. Brexiters say we're losing out in the single market because the Germans accumulate surpluses and don't trade fairly so we'd do better negociatins our.own agreements with expanding markets without dragging the dead albatross of French agricultural protection into everything

If Remainers had won, the steady drain and decline would have continued. Because the Brexiteers did, we can break the grip of the vested interests who benefit from decline, administer a stimulating shock to check the decline and stop the drain holding us down.

It's not going to be easy.It'll be hard work and a risk. But it will be better than the sleepy slide of drain and decline,which may benefit the rich, the City and the vested interests of importers, Eurocreeps, politicians who prefer strutting on a bigger stage to the more difficult task of solving Britain'sproblems, but hurts the workers, the producers, the manufacturers and.all who're old-fashioned enough to be proud of their country. Including me.

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