Monday, 11 July 2016

It's a joy to be a European rather than a paid Eurocreep!

To listen to the miserable moans coming from our self appointed cultural elite and the National Union of liberal intelligentsia you'd think that Britain had gone isolationist, cut itself off from the world and opted to go back to the dark ages. How dare the uncultured and untutored masses, cut us the cultural elite off from Europe (second) home and beauty? It's been as if  the British people in saying they don't particularly like the EU (few do except those who're paid by it) had opted to have  Britain towed off into the mid Atlantic festooned with "No Entry" signs and  run by Millwall fans.

All balls (or if you like it boules). What the people are saying is that they don't want to be drained, taxed and bossed around by bloated bureaucrats in Brussels.We'll still love France, are excited and stimulated by the Belgians,sing Italian arias and drive German cars.Peter Mayle will still be overjoyed (and under taxed) by living in France, retired crooks will still buy villas in Spain  and British tourists will still be able to study anthropology in sex clubs in Amsterdam or Hamburg. 

School parties will swop with schools in France, and intellectuals will still sing "Paris tu n'as pas change mon vieux" as they're overcharged in French bordellos where they've gone to enjoy "let dirty weekend". Poles will still come here to pick our potatoes ,kill our chickens and do barrow jobs on our houses.

The Belgians will still keep their security information for themselves in the hope that their terrorists do it in Paris ,the EU will still provoke Russia over Ukraine and prove unable to stop Serbs murdering Kosovans. The French will still overcharge us for electricity and nuclear power.Italian cars will still break down on British hills and the Spaniards aren't gowing to cut off our vital supplies of paella;

In fact life will go on as normal after Brexit.We'll probably get even better arrangements for cooperation on matters cultural, environment and educational Who needs a perambulating Parliament and a bloated bureaucracy to clean up our beaches or do the simple things which are all they've done been able to manage so far  Nor will we be affected by the 30,000 lobbyists mostly working for big business who wine and dine round Brussels or bribe our MEPs to do some work and actually go there a few times.

Best of all we won't have to pay for it all or subsidise Croatia to kill people, Rumanians to rob or Latvians to lactate. We'll be free to pursue our own interests without having to drag the albatross of French agriculural protection into every trade meeting and subject our interests to the whims of  Estonia,our fish to the French and our fields to all that yellow rape because the French won't let us import it from poor countries. We'll be free. Free to be the best kind of Europeans. The ones who love it voluntarily and because they like it andnot because they're forced to grin and bear it and pay for the thing. What a joy it will be to be European not a paid Eurocreep.

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