Monday, 10 July 2017


Labour did so well against all predictions (including mine) in the elections that it brings the prospect of power. After a long period of punishment, cuts, debt and frozen living standards, the electorate are becoming prepared to accept radical reforms. The middle ground has shifted our way and it's less easy for the media to scare folk off Labour by creating fears about unions, risky finances, state tyranny, rampant Marxism or Corbyn's BO.

With Labour's prospects improving in this way the worst thing the party can now do is fall apart in our usual fashion this time by opening up the old war over Brexit.Yet that's what Euro twerps like Umuna and the Chuckers, Chris and the Leslies and Gapes and the Gobbers want to do by their efforts to tie Labour to the single market. No deal without staying in the single market is their way of stopping any deal at all.

 Staying in the single market isn't leaving the EU.It's allowing it to continue to drain Britain. The electorate who voted to leave won't like it but BMW dealers, importers , French wine drinkers, the vested interests and all Britain's scaredy cat capitalists too frightened to compete in the world, can rejoice.Their fat livings are guaranteed. Eddie the Eagle economics of a country never quite making it will continue.

The Single Market is the Remainers' fig leaf . Its also worn by the CBI and the Engineering Employers whose directors put their love of the EU above the interests of their members. The Single Market is their way of leaving the EU while staying in it but so difficult to get and so restrictive if we do get it that the hope is that making it central will compel us to give up on Brexit and crawl back to Nurse.

Its benefits are largely mythical. Our trade deficit in it is around £60 billion a year. That's a drain of jobs, companies and growth out of Britain. We pay £11 billion. year to belong, which is a drain of dosh. It requires us to support agricultural protectionism and stops us buying food on cheaper markets, another cost of perhaps £20 billion in higher food prices.It allows British companies to pay their taxes in Luxembourg or Dublin to escape their tax obligations here. It requires us to contribute to adhesion funding for newer EU members, so companies like Nestle can be bribed to transfer jobs to Poland.

In short its a great deal for the EU but a bum one for Britain. The great beneficiary is Germany which accumulates the world's biggest surpluses which it will neither distribute to help others, nor spend to stimulate growth and help Greece Portugal or Italy .Germany drains the EU. Our problem is to stop it draining us Yet the Remainers who demand we keep it have no proposals to rebalance a single market that's not working for Britain.

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