Tuesday, 4 August 2015


The most surprising thing to emerge from Labour's messy leadership election is that no one actually supported the platform on which Ed Milliband actually fought it. Jeremy Corbyn thought it was too cautious,Ed Balls thought it wasn't friendly enough to business, Hariet Harman thought it was too generous to beneficiaries,the Blairites found it too tough the unions thought it didn't do enough for them.Who loved it?

It illustrates what a nervous insecure frightened party we are,lacking the courage of the convictions we haven't got,anxious for the approbation of  Finance and the banks which caused the recession in the first place, reluctant to stand up for our friends or our principles and too frightened to provide a clear alternative to the Tory gradgrinds and their crazy economics

I can understand reluctance to proclaim inevitable truths like the fact that taxes will have to increase that property will have to pay more,that Britain needs immigration if we're to support our ageing population ( ie me), that the pound is far too high,and that British business is better at leaching on the state and clamouring for subsidies than it is at competing on world markets. All true but all a bit unpalatable to thrust at them in an election campaign  without any educating preparation.  

All true but all for tackling later when we've won power by offering hope ,the prospect of change and  an improvement in the lives of the people not a smaller dose of misery.Once you accept the Tory priorities (which are really those of wealth and finance) that the need is to balance the budget,that reducing debt is more important than  stimulating growth , that cutting benefits is more important than providing jobs and that the EU  and the vested interests which support it are pristine and without fault.Indeed we've conditioned ourselves into believing that we can't do things the Tories as the party of organised hypocrisy can do when ever they want. Like raisibng the minimum wage

Accept all that crap,fail to offer or even think about any Alternative way of running our failing economy and you're fighting on tory terms, a prisoner of their policies .That's a situation which will do no good to Labour or anyone because the media will never give us any credit for it because the job of the Tory press is to preach the arcane laissez faire doctrinaire view of a bunch of extremist billionaires. For this prejudiced and privileged coterie Labour can do nothing right however much it prostrates itself before the alter of Mammon.

And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England's pastures green? We no actually because the landowners had gamekeepers to keep people off the local Tory council had posted No Trespass signs and the Labour Party wouldn't support him in case they got to be called trouble makers  and lost votes in consequence..After all winning power is more important than supporting itinerant troublemakers

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