Friday, 14 August 2015

Get Corbyn has become the rallying cry instead of Get The Tories!

Though most people haven't received their ballot papers yet and the Labour Party hasn't made a decision on whether potential voters should be disqualified for not supporting the Iraq war it's becoming less and less clear whether tis a leadership election or a "Get Corbyn '" rally

It's hardly edifying to see the three establishment candidates ganging up against the people's Jeremy  and attacking him with more vigour than this gradgrinding Tory government .We've heard more about stop Corbyn and the disaster that awaits if we elect him than we have about what a Labour government should do about growth, poverty, the Health service, Europe or indeed anything so that I'm beginning to wonder what we stand for rather than against.

There's no understanding of the fact that if Jeremy is elected as leader it will be a statement by the party's members that they need a stronger policy a firmer line and a more left wing stance . Indeed the scale of Jeremy's support makes that clear already  So should that be ignored and its supporters  abused or should it be accommodated ? Win or lose the establishment three need to recognise that and bright as they may be in attracting the south, the aspiring ,the perspiring the terrified business community  and the deficit hawks they also have to hold the party faithful if we're to win. We failed to please the people in Scotland and look where that got us.

Indeed the way they've gone on about Corbyn makes it look as though they'd rather split him and his supporters away from Labour into a separate party. That's the logic of what they're saying and it could happen if we move, as we should to proportional representation. But let's recognise that if it did happen to form a government Labour would have to work in some kind of coalition with  the Left Party which would mean giving them more power and a greater say in policy than they are allowed now working as the disunited party we've become. 

I always thought our gospel was fraternity. Please can we show a bit 

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