Monday, 22 January 2018


Britain’s elite and Europe’s have one thing in common. They both know better than the people what the people want. Better say “really want” because they see the transient needs of the little people in jobs, a rising standard of living and a fairer society but they know, what the people don’t that there’s a greater good beyond that. What the people need is a strong European Union moving steadily and happily to ever closer union and if the people don’t always realise that then it’s the responsibility of both elites to guide them there..

That noble vision is far more important than any transient popular whims such as cheaper food ,catching our own fish or managing our own destinies. People might have been prepared to die for their country in the past but these are more enlightened times. Now patriotism is old hat and the people need a brotherly ( sisterly and transgender) love for Europe.Even if they don’t quite realise it.

So any ignoble aberration from this noble instinct must be due to some mental aberration, ignorance, stupidity, Russian bribery, or the uncomprehending malevolence of antediluvian populists. All such whims must be overruled and expunged.

Referenda therefore, can’t be allowed. As President Macron has pointed out even the French might vote against their interest Which is why whenever the Dutch, the Irish or the French have made the mistake of voting against what the EU wants, they have been required to think and vote again to get it right.

It follows from all this that the two elites are not only entitled but positively required to work together to stop the people being overwhelmed by folly. British Remainers, and Blair’s Resisters must work to discredit and stop Brexit. The Eurocracy are making it difficult to get are both working to heaven’s plan and both should, must and will collude and conspire together to stop it.

So don’t assume that when Tony Blair goes to Brussels he’s just popping in for a drink or three with his old mate Jean Claude Junker, or reviving his prospects of becoming president of the EU. Don’t assume either that the Remoaners who flock there are just going to take selfies with Barnier in the Grande Place or enjoy fish restaurants they can’t afford. They’re all there to plot the wrecking of Brexit and plan how to achieve that together

The joint strategy is for the British fifth column to keep up the fight, terrify the nation by predictions of disaster, ruin, death and chlorinated chicken, and create the impression that the nation is divided and beginning to repent, so as to encourage their Euro mates to drag things out and demand impossible terms . Then, under this combined assault, the poor bemused Brits will repent and crawl back and the EU can get on with its business of making the Euro work, creating a European army and building more marble halls in Brussels.

Dead easy. So far its worked well, split both British parties,lowered Theresa’s aims, terrified the softies into demanding that we stay trussed in the single market, and extinguished UKIP’s will to live. Another year of this and, they think, there’ll be no need to wait for the recalcitrant old to die off. Yesterday’s men can resume their rule as Britain clamours to go back on any terms. They may even be willing to join the Euro , and send our depleted army over as the Pioneer Corps of Macron’s Grand Armee with the band playing Beethoven’s Ninth instead of the National anthem. Democracy? Champagne all round.

Happy Euro-day to one and all!

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