Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Strong and Stable blessings to all


Forty four days to go and we've had so much electioneering thrown at us already that it seems over before it's even begun. How can we keep the excitement going that long? How much can the human frame stand,(if it's not strong and stable)?
The policies are out before the manifestos are written. The slogans "strong and stable" are endlessly rehashed. The idiots with placards behind every speaker have waved them all (I'm arranging for my own- "Buy Grimsby Fish" to appear next week behind Faron).The issues have all been raised:Brexit Brexit Brexit" 
What can they now offer- except to go on rehashing the same rubbish? Burn effigies of Junker, Corbyn, Osborne ?  Feed the placard wavers on Spice? Drop Cameron on Damascus? Make Clegg governor of the Falklands? Start a Strictly Come Politics or a Master Politics programme ? Some thing must be done to bring the country alive and the election worth enduring
It can't be about Brexit. Blair can preach on about the duty to drive it out of Britain's weak and unstable land but the EU will decide that not us and  they've become more strong and stable since strong and stable Macron seems certain to win in weak and wobbly France.We can't drop Boris into North Vietnam, get Bill O'Reilly to interview Harriet Harman Or bring Ivanka to do a TV debate with Theresa
Probably best to go on holiday while the pound stays up cos the Tories look like winning. Try Greece.
Strong and stable blessings to all.

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