Friday, 25 November 2016

The tyranny of the majority

I woke up this morning to hear John Major denouncing "the tyrany of the majority" Shock horror!  Having discovered that the people hadn't done what he wanted on Europe was he now demanding a recount on the 1997 election result? Or as the voice of "Middle Europe" was he being fair to Gordon Brown by requiring the much closer election of 2010 to be re-run so that Osborne's disastrous policy of cure by killing could have been avoided.

No. He was merely joining the chorus of yesterday's men claiming that a referendum result which doesn't suit them must be reversed to produce the result they want. They claim that the people were conned, the result disastrous,ensuring that the country will slump into disaster all because the people were so stupid they didn't listen to them. 

John Major was applying to join the League of Failed Big Wigs ,President T.Blair, Vice Chairs Paddy Ashdown and Nick Clegg,rapporteurs Polly Toynbee, Bill Keegan and Will Hutton, country members Esther McVay and George Osborne. This powerful team is now organising a British resistance movement, to stop Britain becoming free,or at the very least sabotage its negotiating position and ensure that it's humbled by the wise men of Brussels

Their weapon is Operation Fear 2. Operation Fear 1 failed because it's predictions of immediate disaster from a no vote on the EU weren't frightening enough. So they've  doubled the dose. Now they  predict mass unemployment, a massive deficit, the collapse of the City and the car industry, unstoppable floods of immigrants and massive charges not to belong to the EU, unless Brexit is stopped before its even begun. The Commons must reject it. The democratic bastion of the Lords must stop it. The people must vote again . The EU loves us so much that it will destroy the British economy ,cripple the country  and collapse house prices as farewell gifts if we're so stupid as to leave its Elysian fields.

This isn't an underground like the wartime Maquis in France. The Remoaners are too posh to scratch their Rolexs , tear their tailoring or get their Saville Row pants dirty with that. Their weapons aren't guns but  pens  yielded for any organ which pay them. The Guardian,the New Statesman,  or the BBC. This is an overground elite force :the Euro-Guards. Their inspiration a re-write of Churchill: "We will fight them in the Board Rooms, in the Banks,on our Yachts. We will always surrender" Their reward not in heaven but in Europe. Preferably now and in Euros not depreciating pounds.Or jobs. 

 Be afraid,Ye Brexiters. Be very afraid. Your only hope now is that the people.who Remoaners tell us were stupid to vote for Brexit remain stupid enough to put this rubbish where it belongs. Junked in the Junker  can of history. 

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