Friday, 12 August 2016

Mobility of Labour with Brexit (the detail)

Free mobility of labour is going to be used against us in the exit negotiations. Unfairly.It doesn't apply to refugees,terrorist suspects or notifiable diseases and Schengen puts limits on it so they can avoid it when they wish,but imposing it on us will make Brexit less popular.

Mobility was written in when the EU had only six,then nine members It was perfectly: acceptable then because they all shared a similar standard of living and employment levels.Indeed a lot of mobility was going on already.Remember Peter Mayle?

Bringing in the poorer, former Communist states made everything different because they had far higher levels of employment and lower living standards. Germany was prepared to pay the huge cost of mobility and bringing the east up to the levels of West Germany.That was for kith and kin.They weren't prepared to finance every one else in the same way.

So the inevitable happened. The unemployed came west to work and enjoy the higher standards and the jobs they couldn't get at home. This has been made worse by the consequences of the Euro folly, pushing unemployment in Europe over 10% and youth unemployment over 25%.This makes Britain even more attractive , boosting our influx higher than everyone else's.

Don't get me wrong. Britain needs immigrants. Immigration stimulates growth.An ageing population needs an influx of youth to finance them (sand me) and keep the economy growing. We need their work ethic to do the jobs Poms won't. Many like the diversity.

The problem is that the natives weren't asked and don't particularly  like it. They feel health and education are under too great a strain and there isn't enough housing to go round.And they're right, because cuts and under investment have made all these services less adequate anyway

The answer is obvious. Emigration helps the poorer states,relieving their population pressures and reducing the burden of unemployment.So it's a form of aid.It costs us and strains our facilities. So why,if mobility is so important, doesn't the EU finance it out of their aid budget to help us provide the levels of service they deserve and bring health,housing and social services up to levels at  which they can cope.That will check the fears and jealousy?

After all the EU is prepared to pay billions to Turkey to take Europe's unwanted refugees, It already supports  Greece to cope with the floods It helps Eastern Europe to take their Quotas. So surely it's not too difficult to provide money to finance such an important principle, help the counties losing young people and provide for peace harmony and acceptance in Britain?. We could even accept more asylum seekers to seal the bargain.Of course we'd need full and free access to the single market in return to help us to keep growing  and provide for the jobs the new arrivals need. 

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