Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Leaving Britain

"My country, how I leave my country"mnAs Pitt said on dying though Disraeli was told by a House of Commons waiter that it was "I think I could eat one of Bellamy's veal pies" But as I'm off to New Zealand for a couple of months here's a few departing thoughts.

Jeremy Try looking like a leader not a dishevelled  pensioner and think before you speak. Don't say we mustn't shoot terrorists say "Of course security services will have shoot to in incidents such as those in Paris but in general its better to catch people alive and get information from them"  Don't say we shouldn't vaporise Jehadi John say "of course  we'd like to put Jehadi John on trial for his monstrous crimes but since that's not possible a drone killing is the only way of stopping him"

They'll misquote you whenever they can but don't give them the raw material to do that

Labour: Stop sulking and criticising the leader. Listen to what the rank and file want and oppose the Government like hell instead of bickering with each other..Jeremy is our leader and he's there for the duration until he decides to go.

The nation. No use rioting or striking but each section should mobilise its resistance by telling government loud and clear that austerity won't work, That means the NHS saying we need at least two billion now or people will die. The police saying we can't do this that and t'other without more money,Local government warning that social services will suffer throwing more costs on the NHS. Say it loud,  say it clear, say it together

The tide is turning as it becomes clear that austerity not only isn't working but can't work.The "recovery" is petering out.House prices can't go on rising forever .When they stop the bubble will burst and all the funny money that's come in will begin to leave, The scale of our deficit means that confidence  will collapse .The pound will fall heavily sooner or later.Then interest rates will go up Then an over-borrowed nation of debtors is screwed
Hold the fort till I get back!

DEPARTURE TIME makes it time to start a new blog


Keats meant Provence. I mean a far better place: NEW ZEALAND. My Kiwi Blog begins here

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