Thursday, 1 October 2015


The pundittieri aren't sure what to make of Jeremy. After the worst receptioon given to any leader since Aethelred the Unready they had to  give his conference speech a grudging thumbs half way up while quibbling that part of it was written in the eighties. Having to accept that he's installed and hasn't put his prick in a passing pig's head for two weeks they now have to turn their attacks to the future and claim that there'll be a revolt led by Tristram Hunt's hair stylist in weeks, then chaos as the PLP votes against his every policy  and support's Cameron's crazy plan to bomb more Syrians (preferably in Calais to save drone time) as well as the most expensive nuclear plant in the world. Finally they assure us he won't last until the election while hedging their bets by saying if he does he can't win.

Labour Party members wondering if they should commit suicide now or take a pick axe to Corbyn's head shouting "No to Trotsky and Junker" should wait because the lads are only writing what their bosses want them to.They don't really mean it 

They assume that Osborne economics are going to work and lead to the steady growth necessary to pay off the deficit and cut taxes. They won't unless Osborne steals some of Labour's programme  like a big build of social housing  and a national investment bank. By their failure to regulate the banks and finance Osbornomics could  lead to another crisis like 2008

They assume that Corbyn won't grow to the job when in fact he's already making the transfer from permanent oppositionist to leader compromising on policies to hold the party together.

They assume that the refuseniks will either go into a permanent sulk and alienation  or opt for wrecking when in fact the threat to their careers will lead them to comp[romise and Labour won't tolerate disruption

They assume that an alternative leader is available Yet those who stood against him then sulked have busted their own flushes and the new electoral system is unlikely to elect a Brutus if Caesar is assassinated. Labour isn't an Australian party which likes regular spills. We tend to be loyal to our leaders.

They assume that if the rank and file get more power over policy it will be too extreme for the voters. In fact the rank and file want to be heard not to control. It's still up to the PLP to moderate policy to suit the electorate though they will have to be less cowardly conformist and deferential to Tory policies in the vain efforts to make themselves respectable

Conclusion;-the pundits and the media should bide their time and stop hatching their chickens before they've even laid the eggs.Wait and see is better than shout and hope

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